5 Best Place for Eat Seafood in Jakarta

For seafood lovers, these 10 best seafood restaurants in Jakarta are must-visit places to pamper your appetite. From fresh crabs to thick-meat grouper, find your favorite seafood dishes at these famous seafood restaurants!

1. Bandar Djakarta Ancol


Good ambience, nice seafood dishes, and a nice view are such a perfect combination, isn’t it? If you’re looking for a seafood restaurant with these qualities, Bandar Djakarta Ancol is a right choice for you. Famous for its live seafood to choose and cooked by your preference, Bandar Djakarta is a perfect choice for you to enjoy high-quality seafood menu with your beloved ones. From shrimp, fish, crab, to oysters, just pick your favorite! They also serve another menu such as chicken, beef, and vegetables for you to enjoy. Located in Pintu Timur Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, this restaurant offers you endless indulgences for you seafood lovers. Reserve now via 021-6455472 to secure your favorite spot, choose your favorite menu, and enjoy!

2. Cut the Crab

cutIf you want to experience a unique way to enjoy your favorite crab menu, this is a perfect place for you. This restaurant is famous because it serves their crab menu just on the top of dining table—without plates or bowls. The waiters will provide you with apron and crab crusher, so you can enjoy your crab in your own way. The edgy design interior and nice ambience will also add the reason why you must visit this place. The main menu is, of course, crab. You can choose your favorite sauce—salty sauce, original, or you can choose the hot and spicy sauce. You also can choose among rice, corn, or potato. All menus are quite affordable for the menu, service, and experience you get in this restaurant. Cut The Crab so far has three branches in Jakarta, at Senayan, Pantai Indah Kapuk, and Kelapa Gading.

3. Ikan Bali Jimbaran

Like its name, this restaurant offers you with seafood menu as well as Balinese cuisine. You can feel the unique Balinese ambience in this restaurant and of course, their signature dishes! Cumi Telor Bumbu Bali and Kepiting Saus Jimbaran is the must-try menu. This restaurant also has many branches, so you can choose the nearest branch from your place. These branches are located in Gading Serpong, Muara Karang, Gunung Sahari, and Harmoni. You can make reservation by phone 021-29001402 (Gading Serpong branch), 021-66601901 (Muara Karang branch), 021-98998871 (Gunung Sahari branch), or 021-3456991 for Harmoni branch.

4. Loobie Lobster

Do you know HolyCow! Steakhouse? If you do, maybe you’re also familiar with this restaurant, because both owned by the same person, Chef Afit. But if you don’t, that’s okay. You only need to try the signature lobsters menus in this restaurant because it’s seriously delicious! According to Loobie Lobster official site, the uniqueness of this seafood restaurant is its signature Sambal Matah. Sambal Matah is Balinese sauce made from chili, onion, shrimp paste, and lime juice. This hot and spicy sauce is a perfect mate for Loobie Lobster’s delicate lobster and another seafood menu. Really mouth-watering, isn’t it? Go visit its branches at Jalan Gunawarman or Jalan Bakti No. 15 Jakarta Selatan.

5. Pondok Laguna


“The seafood is very fresh and delicious!!”
“The best place for eat seafood”
“So luxurious!”
“The Best Resto Kuring”

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source:  https://www.indoindians.com 

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